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Queen’s Collegiate offers a great opportunity for students to improve their education and knowledge with a personalized variety of courses. Our approach allows students to exceed their academic experience together with their interests and goals. We’re here to help every student grow smarter and more curious, setting them up for a successful future. Come join us and start an exciting journey of learning!

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Flexible Learning

Engage with our online courses, offering synchronous sessions for real-time interaction or asynchronous learning for self-paced study.

110 Hours of Quality Learning

Immerse yourself in 110 hours of top-tier instruction, ensuring thorough comprehension and skill development.

July and August 2024 Intake

Opt for our summer sessions in either July or August 2024, accommodating your schedule for enhanced learning opportunities.

University and College Preparation

Prepare effectively for higher education with courses meticulously aligned to university and college admission standards.

Variety of Courses to Choose From

Explore diverse subjects with our extensive course selection, enabling you to pursue your interests and tailor your education.

Why Queen's Collegiate?

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Why do you need summer school?

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Reach Ahead

Advance your studies by exploring new subjects or delving deeper into existing ones during Summer School.

Improve Your Mark

Boost grades and enhance academic performance through focused attention in Summer School.

Add a Missing Credit

Fulfill graduation requirements efficiently by earning necessary credits in Summer School.

Keep Busy

Stay productive and engaged over the summer break by enrolling in Summer School.

Graduate Faster

Accelerate your academic progress by completing required courses or credits during Summer School, shortening your educational journey.

Credit Courses

Canadian Geography


Digital Technology and Innovations in the Changing World







July Intake

July 2nd - July 30th

August Intake

August 1st - August 30th


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