Your Questions Answered: Elementary & Secondary FAQs

Is Queen’s Collegiate registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education?

Yes, Queen’s Collegiate is approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education (BSID#666920) to grant credits and secondary school diplomas. It is inspected by the Ministry every three years.

What do I need to graduate from secondary school in Ontario?

In order to get the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, the students need to:

  • Complete 30 credit courses (18 compulsory and 12 electives, two of which should be taken asynchronously online, and one should be from a technological group).
  • Pass the Ontario Literacy Test or complete the Literacy Course (OLC4O)
  • Present proof of 40 community volunteering hours at a non-profit organization
How can I transfer from international school to Queen’s Collegiate?

Your academic transcript will be evaluated through PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment Recognition) and your courses will be assigned the Ontario equivalency. The maximum courses that can be recognized by PLAR in 22.

How long does it take to complete a course?

Each course has a workload of a minimum of 110 hours. Online courses should be completed within 6 months according to your pace and schedule. Regular day courses should be completed by the end of the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters.

How does the final assessment work?

Each course will be finalized with the final exam and /or a final project. All exams are “closed book” completed under the supervision of a teacher. Exams for online courses are proctored by our third-party proctoring partner. This proctoring service is fully integrated into our learning environment so that we can provide a seamless, secure experience for our students.

When can I register for a course?

We have a continuous intake for online courses and you can register anytime. However, for a regular day school, registration ends one month after the start of the semester.

What is a refund policy?

Queen’s Collegiate does not issue a refund for online credit courses. Students can get a transfer to another course, if cancel the course within the first week of study.

Full-time students get a full refund before the start date of courses, partial (80%) refund within the first month of study, and no refund after one month of study.

How can I fulfil the Ontario Literacy requirements?

If you are physically present in Ontario, you can take the Ontario Literacy Test in-person at our school once a year. If you fail the test at least once, you can enrol in the Ontario Literacy Course and get a credit for it. If you live outside Ontario, the only option to fulfil the literacy requirements is to take the online course.

How can I fulfil the e-learning graduation requirements?

You must get at least 2 online learning credits, unless you have opted out or been exempted.

How can I fulfil the 40-hour community involvement requirements when I am outside Canada?

You must provide a letter from a non-profit organization (church, hospital, food bank, etc) signed and stamped by a supervisor. Also, you have to send us photos and videos of your volunteering activities.

Which school is my main school for credit courses?

Main school is the one where you take 3 or more credit courses. It holds your Ontario Student Record (OSR).

How are my grades reported to the main school?

You will get two reports: midterm and final for each course. Your reports will be mailed and also sent by email to you/your parents and your main school. Then you main school will enter your grade in the Ontario Ministry of Education information system (ONSIS).

How are my grades and diploma reported to colleges and universities outside Canada?

We will help you have your diploma, transcript, and report cards notarized, authenticated, and couriered to your country, for additional fees.

Do you provide support in career planning?

Yes, we help students decide on their future career paths by providing a comprehensive analysis of their talents, strengths, interests and offering a list of choices. We also support students in their college/university applications until they get accepted and confirm acceptance.

What career paths are you offering in preparation for the university/college?

We are offering extensive support for the following career choices: medical, computer, engineering, business, and humanities.