Field Trip To GlowZone 360

At Queen’s Collegiate in Etobicoke, Toronto, we believe in creating enriching experiences that combine fun with learning. Our recent field trip to GlowZone 360 was a perfect example of this philosophy in action. Students had a blast engaging in various activities, from exciting arcade games to high-tech laser tag.

This adventure wasn’t just about entertainment; it was an opportunity for our students to develop essential skills. The laser games challenged them to think strategically and work cohesively as a team. These experiences are invaluable in fostering cooperation, critical thinking, and leadership abilities.

Check out the vibrant images from our GlowZone 360 trip, capturing moments of joy, collaboration, and the thrill of the games. These photos highlight the dynamic spirit of our students as they navigate through challenges and celebrate their successes together.

Explore our gallery to see our students in action, having fun and learning outside the classroom. At Queen’s Collegiate, we’re dedicated to providing educational experiences that are as enjoyable as they are impactful.

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